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To-Do List:
* DornröSchen - Sound Horizon (Märchen)
* Kagamine Rin/鏡音リン (Love Coloured Ward PV) - VOCALOID  
* Kasane Teto/重音テト (Cantarella PV) - UTAUloid
* Alois Trancy/アロイス・トランシー (Lady Trancy) - Kuroshitsuji II  
* Da Qiao/大喬  大乔 - Dynasty Warriors 7
* Sion/シオン - NO.6
* Inga/因果 - Un-Go

* Kasane Teto/重音テト - UTAUloid
* Kasane Ted/重音テッド - UTAUloid
* KAITO (Crazy Clown PV) - VOCALOID
* KAITO (Alice Human Sacrifice PV) - VOCALOID
* Hatsune Miku/初音ミク (Alice in Musicland PV) - VOCALOID
* Kagamine Len/鏡音レン (⇔Koushinkyoku/March PV) - VOCALOID
* Kagamine Rin/鏡音リン (Trick and Treat 2011 LIVE Concert) - VOCALOID
* Kagamine Rin/鏡音リン (Akujiki Musume Conchita PV) -  VOCALOID
* Kagamine Rin/鏡音リン (Tricolor Airline PV) - VOCALOID
* Akita Neru/亞北ネル (Tricolor Airline PV) - VOCALOID
* Kamui Gakuko/がくこ (Saihate PV) - VOCALOID
* Hiyama Kiyoteru/氷山キヨテル - VOCALOID
* Taiwan/台湾 - Axis Powers Hetalia
* Vietnam/ベトナム - Axis Powers Hetalia
* Hong Kong/香港 - Axis Powers Hetalia
* Belarus/ベラルーシ - Axis Powers Hetalia
* North Italy/北イタリア - Axis Powers Hetalia
* Igiko Kirkland/イギコ - Axis Powers Nyotalia
* Wanijima Akito/アギト - Air Gear
* Noyamano Mikan/野山野 蜜柑 (Sleeping Forest) - Air Gear
* Sharon Reinsworth/シャロン レインズワース - PandoraHearts
* Daidouji Tomoyo/大道寺 知世 (Black Uniform) - Card Captor Sakura
* Daidouji Tomoyo/大道寺 知世 (Red Winter Uniform) - Card Captor Sakura
* Sakura Kyouko/佐倉 杏子 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Magical Girl ver.)
* Sakura Kyouko/佐倉 杏子 - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Uniform ver.)
* Stocking/ストッキング (genderbend) - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
* Stocking/ストッキング - Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
* Lag Seeing/ラグ・シーイング - Tegami Bachi ~Letter Bee
* Aoki Yuriko/青木 優梨子 (Aoki Ko/蒼樹 紅) - Bakuman
* Matsuura Nanase/松浦 ナナセ - Macross Frontier
* Butch (Rowdy Ruff Boys Z) - Power Puff Girls Z
* Alois Trancy/アロイス・トランシー - Kuroshitsuji II
* Nago/奈古 - Daily Lives of High School Boys
* Ivan Karelin/イワン・カレリン - Tiger & Bunny
* Nino/ニノ (2-3) - Arakawa Under the Bridge
* Hinamori Amu/日奈森 あむ - Shugo Chara!
* Kishitani Shinra/岸谷 新羅 - Durarara!!
* Takanashi Kotori/ことり - Working!!
* Kotobuki Tsumugi/琴吹紬 - K-On!
* Tainaka Ritsu/田井中 律 - K-On!
* Hirasawa Yui/平沢 唯 - K-On!
* Akiyama Mio/秋山澪 - K-On!
* Shino/シノ - Seven Days
* Kururu/クルル - Keroro Gunsō
* Claves/クラベス - Eternal Sonata
* Namine/ナミネ - Kingdom Hearts II
* Amagi Yukiko/天城 雪子 - Persona 4
* Hinasaki Miku/雛咲深紅- Fatal Frame
* Anna Williams/アンナ・ウィリアムズ - Tekken 6
* Tsukimiya Ringo/月宮 林檎 - Uta no Prince-sama
* Ushiromiya Ange/右代宮 縁寿 - When They Cry 3
* Mistrene Callous/ミストレーネ・カルス - Inazuma Eleven
* Eleanor Varrot/エレノア・バーロット- Valkyria Chronicles
* Popuri/ポプリ - Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town
* Lilly Kane/リリィ・カーン - King of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2
* Cloche Leythal Pastalia/クローシェ・レーテル・パスタリエ - Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica
* Corticarte Apa Lagranges/コーティカルテ・アパ・ラグランジェス - Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica
* Aquarius (Amaha Tsubasa/天羽 翼) - Starry☆Sky
* Capricorn (Tomoe Yoh/土萌 羊) - Starry☆Sky
* Kafra Tatiana (Curly Sue) - Ragnarok Online
* Soul Linker - Ragnarok Online
* Yamai/ヤマイ - Nico Nico Singer
* Sacrifice - Sound Horizon (4th Story Elysion)
* Hiver Laurant - Sound Horizon (5th Story Roman)
* Lucia/ルキア - Sound Horizon (1st Story Chronicle 2nd)
* Morgiana/ルジアナ - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
* Alibaba Saluja/アリババサルージャ - Magi: Gakuen
* Cedric Diggory - Harry Potter (Pixiv)
* Alice - Disney's Alice in Wonderland
* LAHOO (D.O.T) - Dream of Doll
* Flippy - Happy Tree Friends
* Flaky - Happy Tree Friends
* Dipsy - Teletubbies
* Shokeisky/ショケイスキ - Usavich
* Killnenko/キルネンコ (Kirenenko/キレネンコ's twin brother) - Usavich
* Ministop/ミニストップ - Personification of Convenience Store
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Started to fill this account with my cosplay pics after I just left it blank for 10 months since I made it.. Rarely logged in, but will eventually replied all the comments I received from you guys.. Don't hesitate to tell me if you would like to be friends with me, I love getting new friends~ :love:

Comments before you fave would be really appreciated~ :XD:

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